The first time I met Osman was freshman year in math class (I know super dorky). He claims that he came over and sat next to me and I walked away and moved to an empty seat as soon as he did. I don’t quite remember this, but this is very plausible. A few weeks later, Osman confessed his “like” for me and I gave him my “let’s just be friends” spiel. Needless to say, that day changed my life forever as he didn’t just become my friend, but my very best friend.

If you know Osman, you know there is not just one word to describe him. He is funny, loyal, patient, and numerous other adjectives, but the best thing about Osman, is that he is the best friend anyone could ever wish for. What can I say, this dorky Pakistani boy stole my heart. See below for some fun facts about my Groom to be:

  • Osman’s favorite movie is Wolf of Wall Street, sometimes I catch him re-enacting scenes, i.e the infamous chest beating scene.
  • If there is one thing you know about Osman – it’s that he is allergic to seafood and he’ll never let you forget it.
  • Osman’s one true love is the EDM artist, Martin Garrix. Shocker, it’s not me!
  • His favorite shows range from the Office to the Sopranos.
  • He thinks he is a phenomenal singer and dancer (I’ll let you all be the judge of that one).

I hope you enjoyed learning more about Osman, he really is one of a kind so I think I’ll keep him!



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